21 Aug, 2023

to 30 Sep, 2023


I am Renyi, the proud owner and founder of myBurgerlab, Malaysia’s exclusive Halal Charcoal Burger chain. At myBurgerlab, we take pride in crafting burgers that harmoniously blend distinct local and Western flavors, nestled between two tantalizing charcoal buns. Our menu offers an exciting array of adventurous options, including the indulgent Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger, the unconventional Peanut Butter Jelly Beef Burger, and even the unique Kelantanese Budu Burger infused with Pepper Relish.

Islamic Tourism Month presents a valuable opportunity to celebrate Malaysia’s Islamic heritage and promote Muslim-friendly tourism. We are interested in participating to foster understanding and appreciation for Islamic culture. Malaysia, known for its harmonious blend of cultural diversity and Islamic principles, warmly welcomes Muslim travelers. Its captivating attractions and vibrant cultural experiences, coupled with its commitment to promoting Islamic tourism, make Malaysia an enticing destination. By participating, we aim to contribute to the growth of Muslim-friendly tourism and showcase Malaysia’s unique offerings, fostering intercultural dialogue and harmony among travelers from diverse backgrounds.

We are thrilled to present our latest collection of Cheeseburger offerings, each delivering a unique flavor experience. These four distinctive cheeseburgers demonstrate the incredible variety that can be achieved with just Buns, Meat, and Cheese. To celebrate this culinary adventure, we are excited to offer a special bundle deal featuring all four cheeseburgers accompanied by refreshing sodas. While the usual cost for this bundle is RM96, we are extending a limited-time offer of RM69 only. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to savor the delectable range of flavors at an unbeatable price.

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