HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm

21 Aug, 2023

to 30 Sep, 2023

HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm

The Largest Dragon Fruit building in the world

Hong Long International Group Sdn Bhd is a company that has transformed from traditional agriculture to a modern business model.

They have combined the concepts of tourism and education and pioneered “agricultural tourism”, also known as Agrotourism.

In 2014, HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm started cultivating dragon fruit and in 2016, they created the first Malaysian restaurant that uses their own dragon fruit to create dishes, realising the concept of “from farm to table” and establishing a dragon fruit-themed restaurant.

In 2020, the eco farm built a landmark attraction called “Malaysia’s Largest Dragon Fruit-shaped Building,” which was successfully included in the Malaysia Book of Records in 2021.

There is special Easter egg inside the building for you to uncover here!

Additionally, the company is also dedicated to developing peripheral products made from dragon fruit and local fruits, aiming to become a local specialty.

Various types of activities can be carried out in our dragon fruit eco farm, such as plucking fruit, planting, farm touring and more for you to discover.

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