3 Sep, 2023

to 6 Sep, 2023


Diveheart Malaysia annual event is community focused yearly affair that brings adaptive divers and volunteers from around the country together to learn and engage in fun diving activities.
They came filled with enthusiasm seeking dive adventure and shared their experience among each other.

The event had taken place in various dive destinations in Malaysia but this year, it is the first for Malaysian part of Borneo Island. It is not just an event for scuba diving but it promotes inclusive tourism for the location as well. This is also the only event of its type that is happening within the Asia Pacific region. This year, not only Malaysian divers are participating but we have confirmed participants from Australia, Brunei, USA and Singapore. The event is made possible with the initiative from adaptive divers and volunteers, supported by sponsors and partners.

Diveheart is a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. The purpose of Diveheart is to provide and support educational scuba diving programs that are open to any child, adult or veteran with a disability, with the hope of providing both physical andpsychological therapeutic value to that person.

We’ve discovered the forgiving, weightless wonder of the water column provides the perfect gravity-free environment for those who might otherwise struggle on land. Underwater, we’re all equal.

Diveheart works with individuals who have a variety of disabilities, including physical and developmental disabilities, vision and hearing impairments, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and more. Diveheart seeks to help its participants “Imagine the Possibilities” in their lives. Diveheart was founded by Jim Elliot in year 2001 and has then, been offering adaptive scuba diving with the support from volunteers. The mission started in Chicago, USA and has grown all over the world.

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