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Welcome to Islamic Tourism Month: Celebrate Islamic tourism, heritage and culture in Malaysia with great offers!

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Malaysia’s Islamic tourism, heritage and culture during Islamic Tourism Month.

Islamic Tourism Month (ITM) is a celebration of Malaysia’s Muslim-friendly experiences to both local and international tourists. Throughout the entire month from 21 August to 30 September 2023, grab exciting deals on hotels, spas, travel packages, restaurants, events and more nationwide!

Get ready to explore Malaysia’s Muslim-Friendly offerings with absolute peace of mind!

Where is Islamic Tourism Month 2023 held?

ITM 2023 is a festival mood that can be experienced in various States of Malaysia through participating partners. From exciting travel and hotel packages to lifestyle promotions, the ITM 2023 festival brings meaningful trips from visiting stunning mosques and historical sites to vibrant markets and experiencing local heritage culture.

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Experience great discounts and offers travelling in Malaysia!

Discover the best of Islamic heritage and culture with our specially crafted holidays packages, featuring halal-certified hotels and immersive travel experiences.

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3 Steps to the Best Islamic Tourism Month Experience

Join Islamic Tourism Month with these simple steps :

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Explore this site, brimming with exclusive promotions, discounts, and packages from a wide array of Muslim-Friendly tourism and hospitality providers. Choose the experiences that resonate with you heart’s desires and travel preferences.

Scan QR code

Once you’ve selected your desired offers, simply scan the displayed QR code on this site or at partner locations.

Experience the Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality (MFTH)

Now comes the exciting part - embark on your journey! Delight in the mesmerising beauty of iconic mosques, embrace the rich history of Islamic landmarks, and indulge in the warm hospitality of Muslim-friendly hotels, resorts, and eateries.

Get The Offers

Choose the experiences that resonate with your heart's desires and travel preferences. Once you’ve selected, simply scan the displayed QR code on this site or at the merchant location.

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